Cotton Food Roll

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A choice of three different widths and lengths of rolls, from 1.2m to 2m. Brilliant for oddly shaped or larger items or if you have a lot to store. Part of a loaf you want to keep fresh? Half a melon you’d rather eat another day? A large bowl of leftover pasta you’d like to stay fresh? WaxWrap roll is the ideal storage solution – time and time again!

Choose from 3 rolls:
20x120cm | 30x150cm | 40x200cm

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  • Top tip – cut exactly what you need, when you need it, wash and reuse

How to: use your WaxWrap:

  • Pre-cut cloths & roll: use the heat of your hands to mould the wrap around your food item or container and that’s it (just not on raw meat or fish).
  • Sleeves/bags: choose the closest size to the food item to be wrapped, pop it inside and squeeze the top lightly to seal and protect.

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Roll size

20x120cm, 30x150cm, 40x200cm