Why WaxWrap?

1. WaxWrap for the environment

Wax wraps are ANTI single-use plastic and PRO reducing waste.

We offer sustainable food storage solutions for a ‘zero waste’ lifestyle – it’s the ultimate eco goal.

Nearly 95%* of single-use plastic never gets recycled. So where does it go? Much of it ends up in landfills while the rest ends up getting burned in incinerators.

3. WaxWrap is extremely flexible

Our wax wrap sheets neatly fold around a huge variety of foods, and cover bowls of leftovers with a snug ‘seal’.  In fact, a Which! report in March 2021 found that beeswax wraps outperformed cling film by keeping apples more moist and less brown by up to five days; In the same tests, they also preventing the sandwich bread from becoming soggy.

Using WaxWrap instead of cling film is an easy, inexpensive way to reduce your personal plastic footprint.

2. WaxWrap is convenient & Efficient

Despite our growing commitment to the environment, In reality, no one really wants to compromise on convenience – but with WaxWrap you don’t have to.

Made from 100% natural materials, WaxWrap is plastic-free. Organic cotton cloth is coated in a mixture of natural beeswax, antimicrobial pine resin and antibacterial jojoba oil, giving it pliability and allowing food to ‘breathe’ the way nature intended,  keeping it fresher for longer.

4. WaxWrap meets approved standards!

Our cloth is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 approved.

This guarantees the natural fibres are certified organic, our beautiful designs use non-toxic textile ink, and that all production procedures are certified to meet rigorous environmental and social standards.

  • Top tip – when you’re finally ready to replace your WaxWrap, pop it into your compost bin to biodegrade or use it as a firelighter, either in the home or on the BBQ.

Did you know?

Did you know?
Cling film is made from ‘nurdles’, small plastic pellets that find their way into our oceans on a massive scale. They never really go away, just break down further into smaller microscopic pieces. They pollute waterways, poisoning wild and marine life when mistaken for food.
Source: https://ecovibe.co.uk/blogs/news/beeswax-wraps-the-answer-to-harmful-cling-film